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Folks:  I am writing to let you know about two events this Summer that I hope will be of interest to you:

The first is my yearly visit to the Shady Grove area of the 4-Mile Historic Park sponsored by Swallow Hill.  This year I am joined by Jack Stanesco and Mag Hayden.  The date is Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:30.  Tickets are available only at the Park that evening.  For those who have not been to Swallow Hill's Shady Grove series, there is plenty of lawn for blankets or low chairs.  Some folks bring a picnic basket and have dinner on a blanket.  The sound is excellent and with any luck the weather will cooperate.  More information is available at swallowhillmusic.org.  I'll be pleased to share that evening with you.

The second is a very special event over the Labor Day weekend which will occur up in Estes Park.  There is an excellent organization, the Rocky Ridge Music Center, which sponsors summer programs at their encampment in the Park.  This is their 73rd year, and for the first time they have added an American Roots Music Program to occur over the Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4 - 7.  I will be joined there by four outstanding musicians, and we all are eager to share our ideas and background with folks 18 or older (younger participants are welcome with adult chaperone).

  Here is a description of the weekend:

American Roots Music Program, 

A Practical and Historical Exploration

Join us for this four-day immersion in traditional Southern music. The program combines private and group tutorials in various five-string banjo, guitar, fiddle, piano, and mandolin styles with performances, panels, and historical presentations. We welcome musicians from advanced-beginners to the most advanced levels.

 The program offers not only hands-on study of some of America’s greatest folk stylists from years past, but guidance in creating compositions based on time-tested models, amplifying tradition’s gifts with your own individual talents. Fretted instrument instruction includes demonstrations of flat-picking, down-picking, up-picking, and fingerpicking; and associated histories of these playing techniques and repertories. Similar range applies to fiddle and piano techniques. Singing, too, occurs throughout the program.

Throughout the weekend, the faculty will  also give a number of thematic presentations. Of interest to players and public alike, these concerts explore a wealth of grassroots music styles and exemplars: from bluegrass heroes to hillbilly jazz, from gospel piano to Old World fiddle tunes.

See the attachments at the end of this message for more information on the program as a whole and for an hour-by-hour description of the weekend:

 Faculty members are Harry Tuft, founder of the Denver Folklore Center; Dick Weissman, famed recording artist, author, and teacher; gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer Raun MacKinnon Burnham; national mandolin champion and flat-picking guitar expert Charlie Provenza; fiddler and composer Max Wolpert; and musician Stephen Wade, author of The Beautiful Music All Around Us: Field Recordings and the American Experience.

Tuition is $785 and includes food and lodging.  A $50 discount has been extended to those who reference the Denver Folklore Center in their application. All workshops, classes, and presentations are open to the public. $10 per event at the door.  

I am eager to share my love of music, especially the ballad, and the many ideas I have gleaned from my years of guitar accompaniment.  I am also fascinated by the way music goes together, and the pleasure of "unpacking" chord forms and progressions.  If these ideas excite you also, I encourage you to join me.  You will also find that the other teachers bring a wealth of ideas and experience on this most unusual week-end.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this  - I hope we can connect sometime this Summer.  Harry

Harry M. Tuft